Get Off The Couch… You’re Getting Fat…

How comfy is your couch, or recliner? Do you have a favorite spot to watch the game, or watch the kids play? I do and there is nice butt imprint on my recliner… I’ve been using it way to much lately. I started telling myself at the beginning of the month… its going to be a new me! Or Monday… Come Monday I going to start jogging (I think its a silent J)… I am in a funk that I can not get out of. So I thought I would write about it… maybe if I write about my laziness I could find some motivation…. I simply need to slap myself in the face…. Maybe I am depressed.. who knows…

I look at my cousin.. He has lost so much weight and is a completely different person. I wonder why I can’t. I always have an excuse. Check out his website TEAM GETTING FIT. He has done an amazing job documenting his journey and what helps along the way… Check it out.


What did the five fingers say to the face???? SLAP 




Make Up Your Darn Mind Kid!

It wasn’t your typical day of the week… It wasn’t your typical work day. It was my youngest daughters birthday. She was turning 5… it was a big day. We all got up (I was running late but glad I was running late so I could see her wake up on her special day)… Now, I am typically not home when everyone wakes up, Im an early bird at work, but I know just how hectic getting two girls ready for school can be, hair, teeth, breakfast, the whole nine yards… plus getting yourself ready, in this case my wife is juggling all these things and manages it all by her self… and does it all very well. She had all the girls clothes laid out, my youngest puts on her out fit, something from Gymboree I sure of it, a cute little outfit I will say… and then… She….  starts crying… I want my birthday shirt.. WHAT?!? (You see, our oldest has a “birthday shirt” with a birthday cupcake and has “Birthday Girl” on it… ) I WANT MY BIRTHDAY SHIRT, and begins to cry even harder. Then my wife starts getting upset calling herself “Mom of the Year”. I asked where it was, she said it was in the storage bin in the basement..gymboree tshirt So, already running late, I go downstairs and dig through 3 bins of clothes. I managed to find the shirt… Run up stairs… give the shirt to my wife so she could be the hero… only for my daughter say… I don’t want that…. I want to wear what I have on…. My response to her was…. “Make up your darn mind kid” And she did… she didn’t wear the birthday shirt. ***sigh***

Dadmissions: Ten Things I Learned About Hosting A Sleepover

My time is coming near…. hosting a girls sleep over… This post shows what NOT to do 🙂 good read!

Pete Wilgoren

One by one the kids piled in with their sleeping bags. One by one you heard their parents peel off with a beep beep and what sounded like a “so long suckers”. We had been planning the great sleepover of 2014 for months. Our daughter had been asking forever. We hoped she’d trip up or slip up and lose the sleepover due to bad behavior but she didn’t. And so a bunch of eight and nine year olds arrived… many to their very first sleepover. I had been warned to be on my best behavior. I had been warned by my daughter to literally not use the bathroom –at all– or to fart in front of her friends. I had a huge pile of beans for breakfast that day and waited to exact my revenge.

What is it about sleepovers that makes everyone neurotic. My wife told me our street…

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Daddy Daughter Dates

My Dad Daughter dates have been including Legos… What do you do?

good dads GREAT DADS Blog

Encouraging good dads to be GREAT DADS!

Happy Family Laughing in Bed

Dads play a very significant role in their daughter’s lives.

I was sent this excellent blog about why dads and daughters should go on regular dates together.

If you have a daughter or are lucky enough to have several, I strongly recommend you read this post and if it inspires you to take action, make a comment so others can also be encouraged.


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