Writing Through Grief

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Blogs are incredible vehicles for exploring our passions and finding our voices. They can also be powerful tools for healing in the face of trauma; for many of us, the act of writing is a cathartic one.

These brave moms are blogging their way through one of life’s more traumatic losses: the loss of a child. Calling themselves babyloss blogs, they provide insight for those of us who have never experienced this unique pain and support for other parents starting to navigate the same grief — along with hope that life does go on, and happiness is still possible.

C is for Crocodile

2014 BlogHer Voices of the Year winner Timaree started C is for Crocodile to chronicle her pregnancy, never imagining that after three years and five months, she would instead be chronicling her son’s fight with juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia — an incredibly rare form of cancer. She blogged through his treatment…

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Awesome In Ear Headphones

You probably can find a theme in the techie blogs I post.. I like/love music. I prefer to listen to my music with the best quality speakers that I can afford. My home system has a pair of  Royd speakers, my iMac has a pair of Bose Desktop speakers. I was wanting a better set of headphones for my Macbook, or iPhone. The EarPods just weren’t cutting it. I did a lot of research on the net and came across a brand I’ve was not familiar with but they had great reviews… Klipsch…

s3m klipschThey have several models to choose from at various prices…. I was in Best Buy and they had the S3M model on sale for $49.99. I did a search on Amazon and they had the same black headphones for $29.99, and Best Buy price matched it…

I personally thought the sound was great, and they were comfortable, but the one thing I thought was annoying was the tips. If you have oily or waxy ear canal the tips will not stay in very well. At first they will stay in and block out the outside noise well. But they will eventually slide out.

Trying to deal with the tips, I looked for tip replacements. I came across a brand named Comply. They have various of tip sizes, made with different materials. I went with the Active  S-100. You pinch them and slide into the ear canal, then they expand. They will fit perfectly. They are an extra $9.95 at Radio Shack or on Amazon.

The combination of the Comply Tips with the Klipsch S3M In Ear Headphones are awesome. You will not hear any outside noise, you will not hear the kids while you are trying to listen to music. I was cutting the grass with these and it even blocks out a lot of the lawn mower noise. I noticed instruments being used on songs that I didn’t know were used.

I am very impressed with this combination and highly recommend it!



The Importance of “Recharging Your Batteries”

Lori Ann LaRocco

“Burning the midnight oil”, “Burning the candle at both ends”- what is the key word here? Burn. In this fast paced life where we have to multi-task to the n-th degree we find ourselves under stress to have to “do it all”. Sometimes though, we need to be strong and have the courage to take a step back and breathe. Just be.

Being the best you can be needs that. How can you be at the top of your game if you are burnt out? You’re not. If you are a small business owner, manager or employee- the entire work force suffers. You lack focus, energy. You’re not happy. Leading with a happy heart shows- it’s infectious. So is negativity. You need to make sure you are projecting a positive energy in what you set out to do.

Good leaders know when to say no. Pulling back, taking your time…

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The Best Bluetooth Speaker

If you recall from previous posts, I love music. I love all kinds of music. As I listen to Spotify, iTunes, or Amazon Cloud Player, I am usually using my laptop speakers, Iphone Apple EarPods, or just the speaker on my iPhone. I am currently on the hunt for the best “In-Ear Headphone under $100, more on that in another post…

I have come across the best bluetooth speaker, for the size, sound, and portability… its wonderful.

littlespeaker_white_main_largeCheck out LON Little Speaker. This rechargeable bluetooth speaker is a gem! It is a 2×2 cube that charges by plugging in the usb cable to your computer/laptop. The 2×2 cube is so light. There is nothing to it. It literally could fit in your pocket. Once you charge it, it will last for 5 hours! You connect it how you would any bluetooth device. I noticed right way that the bluetooth connection strength was very impressive. My iPhone needs to be in the same room as my sound bar… go to another room… and it disconnects… but NOT with this Little Speaker. They claim that it will stay connected up to 30ft, but Im pretty sure I have been further away and it still worked perfectly.

The sound quality from this Little Speaker is quite impressive… to a point. At low to mid volume levels the sound quality is superb!  Once you get up to higher levels you will hear some distortion, but I really don’t this type of speaker is the kind that you want to blast or trying to fill an entire room up with music. I know I am not using it for that purpose. I am using it while hanging out on the deck, while grilling, or just trying to relax after work. It is ideal for those situations. If you are looking for a louder sound, for an entire room, look to sound bars.

You can buy this product directly from the manufacturer, or from Amazon.