The Worst 80’s Bands

I’ll start….

1) KajagoogooKajagoogoo--002

aaaannnd Go…

The Thanksgiving Sunday Evening Ache

I knew it was coming, and its now here. Time quickly went by today, and now its hitting me hard. I have to go back to work tomorrow, just like millions of others. I dread the alarm going off in the morning. A big problem I have is that I still haven’t fully slept off all the Tryptophan from Grandma’s Turkey. I will be struggling all day tomorrow…

So here we are, another installment of the Sunday Evening Ache…. I have had this song in the back of my mind since I started Sunday Evening Ache, and I kept telling myself… “man, where else have I heard this song??”

What song you may ask… Working for the Weekend by Loverboy

Here is the classic 80’s MTV video….

Then the lightbulb came on…. I REMEMBER!!!!  I know where I heard this song before….

Have a happy Monday… uuggghhh

The Sunday Ache- Nov 4 2012

It’s Sunday. Just like anyone else right about now… I have an ache in my stomach. It always occurs on Sunday evenings. Its the “going back to work ache”. It’s not like I was off for a week. It was just a typical weekend. But for some reason, man it really aches tonight. Its not a fact that I do not like my job… I’m just not feeling it today…

So in my toolbox today, I am breaking out my 80s music collection.

Finest Worksong

A great song to get motivated to go to work.

I have a song in my head that hopefully will get me through tomorrow. R.E.M’s – Finest Worksong.

If I wasn’t going to work, what would I do with my time off? Probably nothing. And I would do it very well.

So if Finest Worksong is Mondays song… I guess I would have to wait a few days to play “Working for the Weekend”

What song gets you through the work day, or gets you motivated to go to work?