The Greatest Show on Earth?

Ringling-Bros-Barnum-BaileyLast night we took our kids to the Circus. I am sure there are other circuses that travel around, but for me, there is only one circus… Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey. My wife and I are 34 years old and this was our first time going to the circus. I wouldn’t consider myself a circus kind of guy… I really wasn’t looking forward to this for a few different reasons…1) Its a Friday night 2) it was going to be a late night, and I bet the kids will be cranky in the morning 3) Traffic, had to deal with rush hour traffic going into the city, and 4) simply, its in the city. Call me a grump, but I just wasn’t wanting to spend my Friday night at the circus.

We took the kids to dinner, then I realized I forgot the tickets, luckily for me, (my wife would have been wanted for murder) the restaurant was only a couple miles from the house… Got the tickets and we were off…

Get on the interstate, and I’m already tensing up… Just waiting to jump into the see of red break lights… 5 miles into the trip… no traffic… but just wait its coming… We are half way there, my kids have only asked 20 times if we were almost there…. at this point… still no traffic…long story short, no traffic at all… smooth sailing. Made it into the city in record time…. SHOCKED.

Once we got there we met up with some friends, and off to our seats…

For me, the whole circus was sensory overload… a number of times there must of been 30 people doing some sort of act. Jumping, dancing, balancing, acrobats, unicycles, gymnasts… I couldn’t keep track, didn’t know who to watch.  The circus had the typical acts, clowns, elephants, tiigers, the cannon, tight rope, etc.. The only thing I was waiting for was Will Ferrell to take on Dewie The Bear like in Semi Pro. Some of the acts made me think I was watching America’s got Talent… but I have to tell you… everyone was extremely talented.

Seeing the excitement on my kids face, heck even my wife’s face made this trip really worth it. Hearing my youngest yell and cheer was priceless. Hearing my wife say…”That guy is NUTS!” (referring to the Lion/Tiger Tamer).

I will say as I was watching the show, I couldn’t help but wonder, how are these animals treated? I hope they are treated well. I am not the biggest animal lover, but I just curious… You hear things, news reports, but you just hope that its not true… Sure enough, as we were walking out… protesters. We saw them and wanted to shield our kids from hearing them and or seeing them. I just didn’t want to explain at 11pm what those protesters were talking about. But the kids never saw them and their experience at the circus was Legen… Wait for it… Dary…


Daddy Daughter Dates

My Dad Daughter dates have been including Legos… What do you do?

good dads GREAT DADS Blog

Encouraging good dads to be GREAT DADS!

Happy Family Laughing in Bed

Dads play a very significant role in their daughter’s lives.

I was sent this excellent blog about why dads and daughters should go on regular dates together.

If you have a daughter or are lucky enough to have several, I strongly recommend you read this post and if it inspires you to take action, make a comment so others can also be encouraged.


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For What its Worth – New Years Resolution – Part 3

Part 3 of this post will highlight some more fun activities that a fellow Dad has shared with some unique twists that might inspire your own household adventures…


Hide and Seek – We finished off the weekend with a good old fashioned game of hide and seek before bedtime.  The only slight variation was the seeker gets to hunt with a replica M16 assault rifle with lights and bullet sounds.  I pride myself in the stealth ninja hiding techniques that make the games heart pounding and intense.  My goal is to have him walk by me within a few feet and not realize I’ve blended myself into the room…then jump out and hear his screech of terror turn to belly laughter.  Today I put myself into a trash bag and balled myself up next to an identical trash bag that was sitting in the kitchen all day (the bag of trash was there all day, not me).  I nearly suffocated in that bag but it was worth it to grab him the second time he walked right by me.  Ninja style!


Electric Scooter We suited up in our winter coats and gloves and hats and charged up his new shiny Razor Scooter.  I walked behind him (straddling the yellow line on the road to control traffic) and let him open up the throttle and rip up and down the 1/4 mile straightaway near our house.   He would get to the end court and come back to me.  I stood patiently in the road, watching my son turn into a little speck in the distance, then come racing back to me.  His chest puffed out with confidence and he started doing little squat downs like some kind of stand-up jetski  racer or something.  All I did was watch and cheer him on…sometimes feeding him a bogus time letting him know how fast his lap was.  He loved it.

Angry Kid and the eSpark Razor Scooter

Angry Kid and the eSpark Razor Scooter (Photo credit: AngryJulieMonday)