For What its Worth: The Tooth Fairy Fails

A good TRUE story from a friend of mine… tooth-fairy

For What Its Worth – Tooth Fairy Fails 

Last week my son lost his first two baby teeth.  This gave us two chances to wow him with a surprise from the Tooth Fairy (rumored to be Santa Clause’s mistress).  The whole thing caught my wife and I by surprise.  We didn’t have a game plan on how to actually set up the tooth drop off and subsequent money exchange.  For Christmas each year we set out cookies and milk, make sure we leave ADA compliant egress to the fireplace and put our son to sleep.  As soon as he’s sleeping we take a few bites of cookies, drink the glass of milk down to half, and pile the gifts under the tree.   Since this was our family’s first tooth fairy operation, there was bound to be complications.  Like, for example, what if you put the tooth in a tiny container under his pillow and somehow forget to make the money drop?  How do you deal with a kid who wakes up crying because that old witch-fairy didn’t bother to visit?   Or, for example, what if the tooth is lost before it can be buried under the pillow?   How do you deal with a kid who bursts into tears because he’s not going to have anything to offer the Tooth Witch?  Yes, both those things happened to us last week.  How would you handle those situations?  Would you tell him it was going to be OK, distract him with something else and let him realize that life goes on?   Or would you take some heroic measures to maintain the fantasy and preserve his childhood innocence?  You guessed it, we took the heroic route to save that Tooth Witch’s reputation. Continue reading

The War Against Barbie

My girls have an addiction. They have been brainwashed. Everything they have, play with or want is BARBIE. I have given up. Heck I had already given up, and then there was Christmas…  Christmas came, and went and my living room threw up Barbies. The Dreamhouse, VW convertible, cruise ship, clothes, more Barbie dolls… it was definitely a Barbie Christmas.

Pay back is a B*tch I guess. When I was her age, I was brainwashed by HE-MAN and old school WWF. I had all kinds of HE-MAN action figures. I had Castle Greyskull and Snake Mountain… I am sure my Mom and Dad had the same feelings as I do with Barbie.

My oldest also received some legos for Christmas. Seems like Legos have a new theme targeting girls. Lego “Friends”. The lego friends set she got was a beauty shop.  My daughter instantly became hooked with legos. She has played off and on with legos but never really cared that much about them. I think the Friends theme is what did it…Now we have something in common. I loved legos when I was a kid. This is one toy addiction that I can join in on. So we have played with legos a good bit this week. We went to the lego store, got some more legos. We didnt get any new kits, I like for her to use her imagination to make something original, and to use her creativity… a house, a car, something other than those expensive kits. Now for some people, thats all they do, but I like using our imagination…

I thought we were golden… legos maybe my weapon of choice against this Barbie regime

BUT man… are they expensive, really expensive…. I guess I can’t win.

Check out the lego store on AMAZON

Check out the Barbie store on AMAZON.

For What its Worth – New Years Resolution – Part 1

How do you spend time with your child, or children? The following post title and body was emailed to me from a very close friend of mine who is a father of a wonderful energetic boy. I am taking his email post and splitting it up in to several posts. This father has a lot to say with some really great and valid points.

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So, I present to you, a New Years Resolution – Part 1

It happens from time to time. In between the e-mails and house chores that divert my attention from my son… every once in a while I manage to spend some time with my son giving him my undivided attention. Take a minute and try to think of the last time you dropped everything, and sat on the floor to engage with your kid(s). No TV in the background, no laptop in the foreground, no smart phone in the one hand, no pot on the stove, no homework on the table. When was the last time you sat with a puzzle, a game, a toy, or simply shared a conversation with your child giving them the precious gift of your time?

If you’re like me, you’ll be disappointed with the answer. I don’t do it nearly enough. Don’t get me wrong. I have long considered myself on the upper average of Dad’s who take time for their kids. I consistently do bath time and bedtime rituals more than 50% of the time. I drive him to school every morning and at least half of those mornings the radio is off and I have 8 minutes of conversation with him. I help with homework and take him to soccer practice and basketball practice and always pause my TV to help him when he’s having trouble beating a level on his Nintendo DS. But is that enough?

The last 10 days my son has been off of school for Christmas vacation so he’s been buzzing around the house with big toys, little toys, electronic toys, loud toys, fast toys, expensive toys that he’s been dreaming about for months. I spent my share of the long weekend surfing the Internet and catching up on television while he played at my feet or sat next to me pushing the buttons on his new toys. When my DVR was out of shows and I ran out of Internet to surf, I turned off the TV and shut down the laptop and invited my son to some quality time.

Part 2 of this post will highlight the activities we shared with some unique twists that might inspire your own household adventures.

Dads and Holiday Shopping

Other than Christmas itself, there is one day of the year I look forward to the most. I consider it a holiday, its the day my Dad and I go Christmas shopping for my Mom, my Wife, and my little ones. Most of the time my wife has already taken on and finished the huge burden of christmas shopping for everyone. (She always hits it out of the park!) Its at this time I buy something goofy for my two girls… Like a remote control sports car… like they needed it I know, but it was cool, it was fast and come to find out, it loses it cool factor with little girls in about a day.

My Dad and I shop like Jake and Elwood, the Blues Brothers,  (Like we are on a mission from God)The shopping trips in the past have been more along the lines of shopping sprints. The faster we get the shopping done, the faster we can go grab a beer or two. We use to hurry up and shop then find the local dive restaurant that serves the greasiest burgers.  We go at it like two football coaches. or maybe he is the coach and I am the Quarterback… We have our plans worked out before we get to the Mall. “Kid, where you need to go?” (Yup my Dad still calls me Kid and I love it) JcPenneys… ok, what department. Ok… I need to go to Sears… etc.

Once we get to the restaurant, He gets is tall Draft, I get my bottle of Coors, and we always check on each other. “You doing alright? Work ok”, How are you and Mom. I feel totally open to ask him anything. I really like that. I hope my girls will take me out one day so we can shop for their Mom and they can pick my brain about whatever they see fit.


How do you Christmas shop? Do you go with your Dad? Do you take your kids? Or do you Just shop for your wife at AMAZON?