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As the saying goes… Its not Spring until the Masters… So, We are coming up on the golf seasons first big tournament. Its the first major of year…. Its the MASTERS! There is no other tournament like it. Going to the tournament is a once in a life time opportunity for some of us… and I had that opportunity… and haven’t had another… The flowers, the freshly cut grass, its simply amazing… the one thing that I could not believe was the lack of weeds as I was walking the grounds, in and out of the trees, or rough area… its simply immaculate. I was younger when I went, but the high light of my day was Tiger Woods responding to my “Hey man” with a “Hi”…. thats all it took for me to be a Tiger fan…. then there were all the other stuff that happened in his life and he dropped a few notches in my list of favorite golfers…

Tiger Woods TWIts at the same time every year, …around the time of the Masters, Tiger gets all of golfs attention… He hasn’t won a major in some time and everyone asks the question “When is he going to win his next major?” Is he going to break Jack’s record?… who knows… But one thing is for sure… He IS NOT the same golfer as he was in the late 90s and early 2000s. For two main reasons… 1) The world was let into his private life… and that wrecked his life forever. With all the millions of dollars in the bank… He will not and can not fix this… that is one massive chink in the armor. 2)… Oh I don’t know …maybe… age?… It happens to every great athlete, they get older and they can’t do the things they once did, unless they are named Barry Bonds or Roger Clemens… cough Steroids cough.. But seriously… its been 17 years since he won his first major… he is 38 years old… father time is catching up to him… Do I think he will win another Major… yes… When? Who knows… Will he break Jacks record… NO…. The thing about it is… if he does win another Major, or another Masters, the hype and questions about records will only get worse…

nike-tiger-woods-ad aging

‘Tis the Season

Sorry Santa… Your season is over.

There is a new season about to start, and “It’s Most Wonderful Time of the Year”…. It’s MARCH MADNESS! The least productive week for employers, no matter what industry you are in, and I don’t plan on being productive at all!

Truthfully, I don’t really care about the play in games on Tuesday and Wednesday. In my opinion, its the craziness of the Thursday and Friday games that I truly love. I think Thursday – Sunday are the greatest four days in all of sports.


I personally like opening the windows, turning out the surround sound, watching CBS, TNT, TBS, and the only time I watch TruTV. I will also have my iPad, and iPhone with me, each with a different game on… I have been known to order some pizzas, have a buddy come over with some beer, watch the games, and put an X on my brackets next to each game that I lose.

I am getting a little gitty just thinking about it… consider this your warning… Get your brackets ready… go ahead and give your wife the heads up that her soaps won’t be on and won’t record on the DVR.

Sunday Evening Ache – Super Bowl Edition

3 February, 2013 ...item 2b.. Super Bowl 2013 ...

3 February, 2013 …item 2b.. Super Bowl 2013 Predictions: Ravens vs. 49ers in Super Bowl 47 (27 – 24) — become a #MaddenInsider …item 3.. Super Bowl Recipe: Bacon and Shrimp Dip by Danny Serfer (Jan. 30 2013) … (Photo credit: marsmet481)

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You hear a lot at the beginning of the season about how much of a company’s time and money is wasted because of the football season and Fantasy Football…

I wonder how much time and money is spent due to low production on the day after the Super Bowl. That Monday… Think about it… people are either, tired because the stayed up watching it all, or they are hung over (if they could even make it into work)… I will probably be one of the tired people. If the game is close I will watch it all. If it is a 49er blowout, I will be at work on Monday no problem with no Super Bowl side effects.

But what if the Raven’s win? I can tell you this… I will be very tired. I will watch ALL of the game, ALL of the post game celebration on CBS, then I will flip over to the Local Baltimore stations and watch all the celebrations and all the Fed Hill Crazies celebrating.

Maybe I will call in and tell ’em I am coming in later than normal – If my supervisor is reading this… consider this a warning 🙂

I love the Super Bowl. At the same time its depressing. Still gotta get to work on Monday…Then what do I watch on Sundays? I still have weeks to go before Baseball, and March Madness … Its a bummer


I know its football season, and I love football, but while I was channel surfing I came across a commercial for the First Tee. The First Tee is an organization that is PGA endorsed and is for kids 5 and up. I know teenagers that have done this, and I signed my oldest Daughter up this past Spring. She had a blast. They teach all the necessary life skills through golf. The pricing is very reasonable. The child will receive a t-shirt and a golf hat. Next time I sign my oldest up, I want to ask to volunteer. I truly believe in what they are doing, and if the kids can gain some valuable golf lessons and life lessons… you can’t go wrong.

Positive youth development through the game of golf.

The First Tee.

It all started with my daughter going with me to the driving range. She did really well. I was quite surprised how fast she picked it up. So I wanted to take her skills to the next level and I signed her up. She had a blast. She asks me all the time when we can go back to the driving range.

Look and see where your closest First Tee location is… 

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The Ultimate Sports Family Moment

The Ripkens

A Father and his sons.

What are some of the greatest families in sports? Griffeys? Earnhardt’s? The Mannings? There are several families in sports, from Nascar, to baseball, to football, and even Professional/Fake Wrestling… In my opinion, you have to say the greatest family team are the Ripkens…

Who do you think are the Greatest Sports Family?