Sunday Evening Ache

For some of us, our jobs means we sit behind a desk, sit on a chair, stare at a monitor for 8-10 hours a day… I am one of those employees.

As you are at work tomorrow… and realizing your butt cheeks are now on hour 3 of being numb… sing yourself this song…


Sing it with me… Get Up Offa That Thing! ~ James Brown

Sunday Evening Ache – Super Bowl Edition

3 February, 2013 ...item 2b.. Super Bowl 2013 ...

3 February, 2013 …item 2b.. Super Bowl 2013 Predictions: Ravens vs. 49ers in Super Bowl 47 (27 – 24) — become a #MaddenInsider …item 3.. Super Bowl Recipe: Bacon and Shrimp Dip by Danny Serfer (Jan. 30 2013) … (Photo credit: marsmet481)

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You hear a lot at the beginning of the season about how much of a company’s time and money is wasted because of the football season and Fantasy Football…

I wonder how much time and money is spent due to low production on the day after the Super Bowl. That Monday… Think about it… people are either, tired because the stayed up watching it all, or they are hung over (if they could even make it into work)… I will probably be one of the tired people. If the game is close I will watch it all. If it is a 49er blowout, I will be at work on Monday no problem with no Super Bowl side effects.

But what if the Raven’s win? I can tell you this… I will be very tired. I will watch ALL of the game, ALL of the post game celebration on CBS, then I will flip over to the Local Baltimore stations and watch all the celebrations and all the Fed Hill Crazies celebrating.

Maybe I will call in and tell ’em I am coming in later than normal – If my supervisor is reading this… consider this a warning 🙂

I love the Super Bowl. At the same time its depressing. Still gotta get to work on Monday…Then what do I watch on Sundays? I still have weeks to go before Baseball, and March Madness … Its a bummer

Sunday Evening Ache

Its that time again…. The Sunday Evening Ache.

What song will get me through this week?

I heard a song on Pandora this weekend… I can’t get it out of my head…

Five O’clock World by The Vogues

I have heard it in one of my favorite movie soundtracks of all time. My mom would play this a lot. I have a lot of memories of my mom playing the “Good Morning Vietnam” soundtrack tape. YES … TAPE…. I would have the entire soundtrack memorized, the songs, and even the Adrian Cronauer bits. The funny thing is, as much as I loved the soundtrack, I was too young for the movie, so I wasn’t allowed to watch it…. But I am telling you, I really think the music is great on it!

It’s and “Oldie but a Goodie”


I have also heard this song from one of my favorite TV shows of all time. The Drew Carey Show. It was one of his many different opening segments.

Have a great week… help each other get through it!

The Sunday Ache

So I know I am doing this on Monday… Why? Well, I had no ache in my stomach on Sunday Evening. … I felt great. So great I had totally forgotten about doing my Sunday Ache post. I am off for the next 9 days… So I have no ache in my stomach…

My Sunday was  pretty easy. Football, Food, and Family. My teams won… Bears, Ravens, and Skins. I lost my Fantasy Football Championship…oh well… I was the underdog….

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Sunday Evening Ache

The weekend flew by! I feel like it was just Friday evening. I guess that is what happens when you have 2 kid birthday parties, kids dance class, work, church, and two grocery runs. It was a good weekend though, I enjoyed the kids parties. Glad our kids have great friends and I’m glad to say that the parent we hung out with are our best friends too.

So now that the dust is settled, and the kids are winding down from the cupcakes and sugar high… Its time to realize that the alarm is going to go off about 3 hours too early. I will probably hit snooze a half a dozen times before I get up… Warning… I am not a morning person…

Every time the alarm goes off at 4:30am, I say the same thing. Pretty much every day…

Its an oldie, but a goodie… Try Amazon to download it!

BTW, I didn’t know that this was a David Allen Coe song…